Bright Like Neon Love

I purchased the most blinding hot pink bra the other day (I’m sure you really care to know what color bra I wear) and couldn’t help but feel electric once I put it on. I’ve been into neon colors as of late and wondered if I could handle doses of them in my home. Too much and I may need to walk around with sunglasses or cause headaches, but I thought I’d search for ideas on how neon can be used cautiously.

image via decorpad

This is one bright ass room, but the white furniture and black accents tone the wall color down.

image via decorpad

Hot Pink is my neon color of choice. La la lovely.

image via decorpad

A whole lot of color going on, but notice how well it all works together.

image via

image via

image via

Again, the white accents ease the brightness of this space. The jute rug brings in a natural element, which also brings some calmness, allowing for some nap action.

image via

Try a more subtle approach and choose one piece to be your bright color focal point.

If neon in the home frightens you, try incorporating it into your wardrobe.

image via fashette

I’d pair this cute little necklace from shopbop with a crisp, white, v-neck t-shirt and vintage denim cutoffs.

I’m thinking a neon swimsuit is what I need this summer. This one from Victoria’s  Secret is on sale – always a good thing.


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