A Birthday Dinner



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I chose to celebrate my birthday at The Little Door. I first found out about this place through one of my favorite food blogs, L.A. in Bloom. Though she didn’t necessarily review the food, I thought the name was simply too adorable to pass up.

I was definitely very pleased with my selection as I immediately felt like I was transported to a Mediterranean vacation as soon as I walked through the nondescript doors.  Once inside, it was inevitable being greeted by the amazing glow that oozed from candles galore.  I suddenly felt my imperfect complexion feel flawless. (Yay Irene, good call). The very French staff (ooh la la) gave us the option of  seating either in the Piano Room or Patio. The Patio is where it’s at (The Winter Garden would also be a good choice) and I’m glad I chose wisely. Even though this place was booming (on a Wednesday) with people (they must’ve known it was my birthday), it didn’t take away from the romantic, intimate, cozy feel. This experience would be incomplete without great food. And great food we enjoyed.

We started with the:


For Entry, I had Lobster. Perfectly seasoned, cooked Lobster with a subtle taste of fennel. It was one of the specials and therefore couldn’t gather the exact description from their menu online. But it was goooooo-ooo-oood.

Evan had the:


image via Maison De Reveries

Braised european monk fish with bouillabaisse broth and saffron aioli served with fava beans, baby artichokes, carrots and peewee fingerling potatoes.

I kid you not, I coincidentally found this girl’s blog (Maison De Reveries) who dined there just one day before we did and this is her picture of the exact same thing Evan ordered.

I’m still an amateur blogger with a shitty camera, so excuse my lack of pictures. But trust me, this place is worth checking out. And if you’re up for a more casual affair try the adjacent partnership, The Little Next Door.

And just in case you’re wondering, I wore this:

A vintage dress I bought just hours before we needed to leave. I’m not crazy about the belt but needed a quick fix since the waist was a little loose. And no, I don’t typically sip champagne outside our house.



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4 responses to “A Birthday Dinner

  1. Now that is a beautiful woman. WOW.

  2. Anna

    What vintage store? The dress is fantastic-I think you should give it to me, and the model definitely doesn’t hurt its beauty

  3. katiecat

    Little Door is cute. So is your outfit.

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