And On This Day…

I was born.

Happy Birthday to me.

image via weheartit

Since most of my friends are younger than me, I’ve decided I’m going to stay the same age and wait for them to catch up.

Here are a few other times I didn’t mind waiting for you:

1.  When you were late to dinner and or lunch.

2.  Even when you told me I didn’t need to wait for you.

3. To finish your drink so we can go to the bar and refill.

4. When you’ve taken longer than expected to get ready.

5. For you to return my emails, texts and phone calls.

6. In line with you when you needed to use the restroom.

7. While you decided what to wear.

8. For you after class so we could walk to our car together.

9. For you to catch up when I walked way too fast.

10. Until you got that guy’s number so we can go home.

11. For you to pick me up so we can hang out.

12. Until you got into your home safely before driving off.

13. To make sure you weren’t going to take the last spoon full of dessert so I can take it if you didn’t.

14. To make up your mind when you were indecisive.

15. Until you were ready to dance so we could hit the dance floor together.

To ALL my friends (family included), it’s been great waiting with you and for you. Thanks for making the past (still) 27 years that much more exciting.

Okay, gotta go. My husband’s waiting for me.


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