It Really Is a Small World After All

On Monday, Kahi Lee hosted another event at the penthouse she designed for the W residences. This event was a collaboration with The Society to feature the work of blogger Ivan Rodic, the man behind Facehunter. To be honest, I hadn’t heard of Facehunter until this event. And as of yesterday, I realized that he is an acquaintance of stylescrapbook, a blog I’ve been following for quite some time now.

It’s weird to think that blogging has made this world feel even smaller. The crazy thing is,  Andy, from stylescrapbook, is Mexican, lives in Amsterdam but dreams of moving to Paris. While Facehunter is “a man out and about in London and beyond.” This entire connection still kind of baffles and amazes me.

Either way, Monday’s event was quite a success but I wanted this post to focus on the stile of stylescrapbook. She’s one of the first fashion blogs I would most frequent because her stile reminds me of things I would very likely wear. And she gets bonus points because, like me, she too is Mexican. Check her out.

Andy is someone who is definitely aware of the trends but doesn’t come off as “trendy”.  She’s an all-around stylish girl.

A blazer should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. I have about six and I wear them all constantly.

Check out her cute clogs, and I so want her striped blazer.

The best thing about Andy’s wardrobe?  It’s way affordable as she frequently shops at Zara, H&M and is a total DIYer who adds zing to her pieces.

images via stylescrapbook.



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4 responses to “It Really Is a Small World After All

  1. Dear! thank you so much for this feature!!! its so nice of you!!!! I am incredibly flattered!

    I didn’t know if I should write this in english or spanish, I chose english just because the post was in english already 😛

    Thank you so much for following my blog, it means a lot to me!

    Hope to speak to you soon!

    Andy from Stylescrapbook

  2. Nice blog!

    I´m also a stylescrapbook´s fan 🙂

    Regards from Costa Rica!

  3. wow .. very nice blog
    I was greatly assisted on his information
    Thank you very much

  4. Natália Oliveira

    I’m also a big fan of StyleScrapbook!
    Kisses from Brazil! 😉


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