Garden Party

Last Saturday, I hosted a little garden party for a few of my cousins. I recently got into table setting and this was somewhat of my debut.  A special thanks to our friend who came over and snapped some photos. And an extra special thanks to Chef Ev whose freshly squeezed blood orange/lemonade, cilantro pesto, and tuna poke took my little shindig to another level.

I kept this intimate to alleviate the stress of seating more than eight people.  Once I become more pro, I’ll be able to figure out extra seating arrangements.

As for my plan of attack, it actually came fairly easy. It all kind of came together as I came up on stuff while running errands not necessarily pertaining to this garden party.

– I bought the pink wing back at the Salvation Army shortly after we moved into our house. I’ve been meaning to reupholster it but still haven’t after several months. I’m sort of glad I haven’t as it fit in perfectly with the color scheme.

– The two yellow side wing backs are from the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market. They too need some reupholstery work.

– The white chairs are the only two dining chairs we currently own, and they are from Maison Midi.

– The wooden chairs are from Cost Plus. We bought these years ago when we needed some extra seats for a Super Bowl Party. The fold up and store easily.

Picture taken by Evan

I thought it was cute when one of my younger cousins asked, “So where do you find all this stuff?” And our photographer friend asked Evan if I spent my days shopping since there was no way I found all this on one trip.

I actually found several of the pieces while I was out finding items for work.

– The white vase in the center is from Home Goods, which usually hangs out in our bedroom. The green mossy butterflies inside the vase are from Michaels.

– The striped pots are also from Michaels. The plants are from a local flower shop. My original plan was to go with daisies but I’m glad I found these instead. The green with pink veins could not have been a better find.

– The placemats are from Kmart.

– Glasses, goblets and some of the plates are from Maison Midi as well.

– Other plates are from my China, Cost Plus and Target.

– Place cards were leftover from our wedding, and the little gift boxes were another Michaels purchase.

Basically, I just mix and match to keep things interesting.

The host and her sistah

We wore hats to block some of the sun and try to appear fancies.

One of my guests took this photo, but I don’t know who. Let me know who you are so I can thank you profusely. This is one of the cutest photos of our little doggies (yes, I say doggies even though I know there’s only one) yet.



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7 responses to “Garden Party

  1. This was an absolutely gorgeous event. Pristine, elegant, beautiful, classy, yet casual. True talent, true happiness.

  2. The Sistah

    I took the picture of Bams. You’re welcome. Great pictures, great party…I’m so proud of you!

  3. Beautiful…you’ve given me some ideas! Thanks for linking to Tuesday’s Garden Party.

  4. kiminspring

    Oh ya, I hear you about shopping for just the right items. You found some nice pieces.
    That party turned out wonderful.

  5. jackjack

    Wow, Irene! I love this setup so much! It really looks like it’s straight out of a magazine, great job!

  6. your little cutie really could be my ted’s twin! ted was listed on his shelter paperwork as a tibetan spaniel/welsh corgi mix, but i find that exotic mixture highly unlikely, given the neighborhood he came from. my initial thoughts were a dachshund/pom mix, with a dash of cocker spaniel somewhere in the family tree. after seeing yours, i think maybe that’s right! maybe one day i’ll do a doggie DNA test to find out for sure!

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