Knock, Knock

You only have one chance to make a first impression is a saying I think can be applied to the front door of one’s home. The front door is one of the first aspects of the house a guest first sees, so why not make it an unexpected one. This is a chance to portray some personality and keep guests eager to walk through that door and see what else your home expresses.

image via katyelliott

This door makes my door envious. That hardware is something else, let me tell ya.

image via countryliving

A coat of orange paint and your home is Fall-ready.

image via architecturalclassics

image via vanessa+valentine

See what I mean, behind a chic painted door is a very stylish pad. The floors, the zebra rug, the minty fresh walls, the vintage painting, the casually thrown bicycle – yum.

My front door with newly added hand painted shade.

image via

A beautifully soft shade of pink set amongst cold Ionic columns and brick backdrop.

image via

Neon colored front door and black walls. Risque but oh so nicely paired.

image via

As much as I love fun colored doors, a black one embodies sophistication.

I saw this door last weekend while I was in Palm Springs. I noticed it the second I exited my car. Past the double doors was a ton of mid-century goodness.

Here’s a close-up of the detail surrounding the doorknobs. Gorgeous.



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3 responses to “Knock, Knock

  1. Love that neon yellow door with the bold black walls. I want a bright now….I wonder if my apartment would care 😉

  2. karla

    ok, you are touching a nerve with me. i absolutely love front doors and the funniest thing i saw was people starting to paint their doors red. always red. in my neighborhood (i live in moncton, new brunswick) it seemed like every other door was red at some point. dont get me wrong we pride ourselves on being a hip community but it just got so tired. either way this is really fresh and i appreciate your perspective. our door is brown right now (tired, i know i know) but i am trying to convince my husband to try something unique – that neon pic is amazing!

    • I so know what you mean. I loved red doors for the longest time and swore I would paint my door red at my first home. Then I noticed them everywhere. I figured if not red, other happy colors would work just as well.

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