Why hello you absolutely-beautifully-cute-little-signage that I need to order ASAP. You’re so cute and perfect and I can’t wait to meet you in person.


Thank the Lord I stopped to visit Decor8 otherwise I may have passed up the work of William Doham.

I think this would fit perfectly in my entry. I won’t have to greet my guests ever again. A slight look to the left and my wall will say it for me. Kidding, kidding. No, but seriously, this thing makes me wanna jump for joy. I’ve been having decorator’s block and haven’t been able to decide what the heck to hang in my entry. I want something that exhibits personality and… ding, ding, ding I think I hit the jackpot.

William Doham has other  words of expression just in case hello isn’t what you’re looking for, so check out his stuff here.

And here’s another super cute find from Home Decorators Collection. Hoo would’ve thought they’d actually have some cute things.


Or what about this adorable heart rug from Pier One. Someone has to have a little girl out there. Buy this for her, please.



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