You’ve Lost Your Meaning

You know that feeling of hearing a song, falling in love with it, then hearing it on mainstream radio and suddenly it takes a completely different meaning. Yeah, well this explains exactly how I feel about Coachella.

Eight years ago was the first time I attended and it was everything I expected. It was magical to say the least. I was looking forward to watching about 50 percent of the acts and wished that weekend would go on forever. I left thinking I would attend every year thereafter and highly anticipated the next lineup.

The 2002 lineup

Coachella went from Bjork to Beyonce? Seriously?

Four years ago was my third Coachella and its increase in popularity diminished how I felt about the event. I was sure that would be the last time I’d go.

I made my way to the desert this past weekend planning only to attend Coachella parties. I was lucky enough to get into the Anthem party and was appreciative to have also gotten into the Coachella festival grounds free of charge. Once in, I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of people in attendance. About 50,00 too many. I was glad I got to see The xx and Hot Chip but I could not wait to leave after those few hours. It was all a massive, sticky, sweaty, dirty clusterfuck. Maybe I just felt old and no longer found the slew of barefoot, drug-induced hippies appealing. Or maybe it was the enormously large crowd of people who attended for the sake of attending that took away from the beauty that Coachella once represented. It is no longer only a celebration of music. It has become the “thing to do.” It has become something I’ve grown out of and now when that weekend rolls by, I’ll find something else to do.

Here are the few pictures I took.

Anthem Party

More Anthem



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9 responses to “You’ve Lost Your Meaning

  1. santacruzquivel

    Finally somebody is telling the truth. I am reading all these blogs and reviews and it makes me sick how many people are saying what a great show it was, congratulations to the promoters and the bands and even the people. UGH. I’ve been attending shows, festivals, raves, basically anything with music and community, since 1999. INCLUDING the first Coachella. The venue was dirty, the parking was horrible, the weather was lousy but the experience was GREAT. One of the best memories of my life and was actually the moment of inspiration that inspired me to pursue this type of communal atmosphere. SxSW, Summerfest, Bonnaroo, Burning Man, Austin City Limits, Bumbershoot and subsequent events filled me with grat memories and reminded me time after time why I love these shows. Recently Coachella has gone a bit downhill i must admit but NOTHING compares to how lousy and horrible this year was. The sound was bad (did anybody really think LCD Soundsystem sounded good? jayz was a joke and WHY was he there, and beyonce make me want to puke(), but more than anything it was crowded and hot and disgusting, and as you say sweaty. There were so many kids there – not just children but young immature people getting too drunk and doing too many drugs. It was not a fun event and for the first time ever I can say that I do not want to go to a Coachella again.

    • You speak my language. I actually didn’t go off on Coachella as much as I should have. When I saw that Jay-Z (I actually like him, but not for Coachella) was headlining. HEADLINING!?!? I was pissed. And when I found out he brought out Beyonce, I knew Coachella was past its prime. It is now commercial.I should’ve realized that when Kanye West performed years ago.

  2. tobey

    I can’t say I agree about your thoughts on the show, but the Anthem party was a lot of fun, check out my pics:

  3. Lily

    I felt the same way. I wanted to go to this years Coachella even after witnessing how many Teeny-Boppers were at last years event. When I asked a few of my friends who went this year about the best part of the weekend, they said the highlight was Jay-Z & Beyonce. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jay-Z. Thats why I went to a Jay-Z concert. That’s NOT what Coachella is supposed to be about. I mean hello, Muse, Gorillaz, PHOENIX! *sigh* It hurt to hear, seriously.

  4. i heard the same thing! Must be changing…Oh well 😦

  5. nopenopenope

    ok somebody is either old or bitter and i have to be honest you sure look like you are having fun in your pictures. i was there, it was fun and the crowd was having FUN THE WHOLE TIME. you sound like an old person that just didnt want to enjoy the experience. the show was great and im going next year for sure

  6. welldonefrize

    excellent point on bjork to beyonce, that made me laugh. i wasnt at the show and jayz was the reason why. he was the headliner. thats all you need to know about this years show and coachella in general.


    i think you hadd to have fun if you went to coachella.i do wish i was there for prodigy and chemical brothers tho!

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