HomeGoods, You’re the Best

For those of you who don’t know the greatness that is HomeGoods, maybe my little stILe find will convince you of such.

As of Friday, I still hadn’t received my HomeGoods gift card from the giveaway I won and was in the neighborhood of a location I hadn’t been to, so fighting the temptation to visit was pretty irresistible.  I was searching for plates to complete my garden party table setting when I came upon this little teacup. If I remember correctly, my exact words were, “Oh my God, that’s so cute”. I picked it up thinking nothing of it when the name across the bottom read Marc Jacobs. What!?! First of all, I was way out of the loop not realizing Marc Jacobs had designed a line for Waterford. And second, Marc Jacobs at HomeGoods?!? This place IS amazing. At $4.99 each, I bought two. There were three but figured I’d let someone else pick up on this gem.

Oh and p.s., I received my giftcard in the mail today so you know I’ll be hitting up my nearest HomeGoods as soon as time permits. I encourage you to do the same.



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2 responses to “HomeGoods, You’re the Best

  1. Gabriela (aka Sister)

    I am disappointed to not see a picture of the great find.

  2. Eeeeek, thanks for catching that sister. It’s the first time I used a picture I took with my phone and apparently I had difficulties. Check it out now.

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