W – More Than Just a Letter


image via latimesblogs

I’m way late to post about this, but I’m doing it anyway.  Two weeks ago I attended the WOW! collection, a showcase featuring the work of seven Interior Designers for the official launch of the residences at the W Hotel in Hollywood. Of those seven designers, Kahi Lee, my boss, designed the biggest unit with the least amount of time. Just saying. The inspiration behind the three bedroom, four bath penthouse – with amazing views of the Griffith Park Observatory, the Capital Records building and Hollywood sign – was a young Marlon Brando. The design concept was based around the idea that Marlon Brando would live in this penthouse in present time. Totally not trying to earn brownie points, but Kahi (not like she even knows I have a blog) knocked it out of the park. The result was a sophisticated, moderately rustic, swank bachelor pad with some representation of Hollywood elegance.

I suck at taking pictures, so I’m borrowing these from Kahi which all have people in them. But behind all the people is an awesome design. Check ’em:


image via Kate

Living area, looking into the dining room and kitchen. Both with custom light fixtures by Originals 22.



A little nook adjacent to the living room. Kahi decided it was best to turn it into an additional seating area since plenty of events will take place in this unit.

Custom wallpaper by French American.


Balcony just outside the living area.

Imagine the party possibilities.


Miss Kahi Lee herself.


One of the bedrooms.

Candlesticks and black vase were a designstILes find. Impressive, I know.


This Romo wallpaper is crazy good.

The tactile effect is fuzzy goodness.


One of the other bedrooms.


Please tell me you notice the light fixture in the background. It was ideal for the inspiration.


The Designer and her Design Assistants.

And just in case you’re wondering, Kahi’s shoes are Loubs.

Mine, are not.


View of Hollywood Blvd.

Drais nightclub is on the same floor as the penthouse suite. Hello.

Pictures taken by Gary Reisman via Kahi’s facebook fan page. Become a fan.

The six other units were designed by Mark Cutler, Cantoni, Barclay Butera, Poliform, Econnect Group and Interior Illusions.



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8 responses to “W – More Than Just a Letter

  1. Annette

    Irene, this is absolutely stunning! I have such a passion for design and I truly love seeing all your creations. You have a very talented mind and your vision is a creative playground. I look forward to seeing more. 🙂

  2. Lance

    Nice work Reeze!

  3. wilmamontero

    i dunno, i was there this weekend and i thought it was nice but not spectacular. how are they going to have a club with the same name as one in vegas and then close it at 2. i did not get to see the penthouse tho, looks nice.

  4. Countthechips

    Totally awesome!!!!

  5. sarahl3igh

    i actually was able to see the penthouse designed by poliform and it was not as nice as this one looks. i love kahi lee, btw

  6. mangus1

    Excellent writing about the penthouse. I feel as if I were actually there.
    Kudos to you Irene…..your talent for writing is as great as it is for your design work!!
    Come do my house any time!

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