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I made my way over to St. Vincent De Paul last week and scored on what I thought were a pair of candlestick holders. I assumed the brass ‘candlestick holders’ were either from the 1960s or ’70s but figured it wouldn’t hurt to try to research them. I used the good ole google images search engine and found a picture of an extremely similar pair of lamps bases on 1stdibs. Other than those chipmunk/squirrel looking things on the sides, I’d say the resemblance is pretty darn identical.

I further investigated my vintage purchase and noticed that there are rivets inside the top portion of the hollow base that would suggest that was where the stem that held the lamp shade and bulbs once was. What I can’t trace is a sign of where the cord might have gone. Since they’re hollow, I can assume the cord might have been able to run down the base. Also, it turns out that those little animal things are detachable, which means mine could’ve been removed, lost and never reattached. Other info I found on the 1st dibs listing is that they’re from the early 20th century and come from India. Interesting.

Candlestick or lamp base, I enjoy mine for decorative purposes and only paid 15 dollars whereas on 1st dibs they run for $1,200.  Yup, $1,200.  I think it’s fair to say I came up, even if they aren’t the real deal.


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