Make A Wish(list)

For any of you who may be counting down, my birthday is exactly one month away, which means it’s never too soon for me to start compiling a list of all things I fancy. Now don’t assume I’m greedy and think that I expect any or all of these items. After all, what’s the point in making a wishlist if you can’t have fun with it, right? Right.

Here Goes It:

Birthday Wishlist

1. Chloe Paraty Handbag –  It came out years ago but it’s still very in, in my book.

2. Crazy Patio Chair from Pier One – Reminds me of a cross between the Saarinen Womb chair and the Bertoia Diamond chair.

3. Jeffery Campbell Charlie Clogs in Natural – way cute and super affordable.

4. Tom Ford Astrid sunglasses – The Kitty Cat Frame is so purrrrdy. And the campaign photo make them all that more desirable.

5. Chandelier – This 1960s chandelier from 1st dibs would look amazing in our dining room and fits in perfectly with my glam/vintage theme.

6. Books – I find inspiration in every design book I own and could never have enough. And as someone who isn’t as assertive as I’d like, I’m quite intrigued by the advice Kelly Cutrone has to offer in her book, If You Have To Cry, Go Outside. I admire her strength and ability to speak her mind.

7. Watch – This Casio watch is for the fun, youngster in me and the Michael Kors watch is for when I need to be a bit more serious.

8. Polaroid Camera – Instant photo and keepsake for those (yes, those) crazy nights out.

9. OPI Nail Polish – I wish I owned every single nail polish by OPI. I would try to memorize each and every one of their clever, witty names. Birthday Babe would be very suitable for the occasion but Kiss on the Chic is one I wear almost daily.

10. Alexander Wang Dress – ‘Cause what’s a birthday celebration without a new party dress.


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