I like Your stILe

I needed to reload on concealer and headed to my nearest department store to acquire some. The one I usually wear was out of stock and so I had to purchase a different one. Sometimes I think the person behind the counter makes this up so they can try to sell me more make-up I don’t need. According to this salesperson, I was told the area around my eyes were dry and recommended I buy eye cream along with a new concealer. As she applied both items, she said to me, “I like your stile. It’s cute.” She seemed pretty genuine even though she may have only said this to try to upsell me. Either way, I was flattered and took it as a compliment. Her comment reminded me of all those who I think have great stile and figured I should document this in a post.

In no particular order, here are those chicks who, at some point or another, influenced the way I dress.

Olivia Palermo: She was singlehandedly the reason I continued to tune in to The City. Whitney Port’s stile came in at a very close second, but it was Olivia’s classic stile that made me wish she was the star of the show.




Nicole Richie: She was the first person I caught wearing the coveted red sole. If I remember correctly it was when she was headed to court. Yup, personal issues aside, her slingback Loubs made me go out and purchase knock-offs and put her on my personal fashion radar. She was the master of headbands and scarves.



Even in a simple white t-shirt and jeans, she looks chic.


Ashley Olsen: Growing up, I watched TGIF every Friday strictly for Full House. Never did I think little Michelle Tanner would be one (two) of the most influential stile icons of my generation.


She makes it look so easy.




Rachel Bilson: I was never a fan of The OC, so I don’t really remember how I became a fan of Rachel Bilson’s stile. All I know is I love how simplistically stylish she is.




Miroslava Duma: Before finding out she was a Russian “It” girl, her stile stopped me in my tracks and had me search for more outfit posts. I love the way she can transform herself from youthful girl to completely classy, elegant woman.







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3 responses to “I like Your stILe

  1. annastarr

    nice choices, i would also include anna paquin, ashley tisdale, mischa barton and nicky hilton too.

  2. Love them all! Especially Olivia. Too bad she is such a bizzo. Gorgeous girl, fab style!

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