You Inspire Me

As someone who considers herself to have a keen eye for design, I can appreciate most spaces created by those who have as sharp an eye as I do. But there are only a select few that make me pause, gasp and analyze every detail that went into the creation. These types of spaces are those I collect and turn to for inspiration. I’ll share with you some that have captured my attention.

image via elementsofstyle

I love that the look of this vignette is feminine, vintage and rustic all at once. The antique, pale yellow buffet can easily be used as a dresser as well.

image unknown

I’ve been a sucker for pale blue lately and this is the perfect execution of just how pale I like it. It’s so soft and soothing and if this were a guest room in someone’s beach house, I’d definitely call first dibs. The lamp is delicious and the orange geometric quilt add just enough oomph.

image via cococozy

I love, and I mean LOVE every single thing about this room. The white lacquered dining chairs take center stage amongst the smooth, brown paneled walls. The pattern in the chandelier mimics the pattern on the chairs without competing against each other, and the mirror picks up on the color of the drapes almost effortlessly. The light blue from the lamps and the red from the accessory bring just enough color to complete the look of the space. All together I think of it as a bit retro, a tad glam and completely current.

image via houseofturquoise

I hope I never get sick of turquoise. Otherwise I may not be able to stand this photo. But for now, who lives here so I can come visit? Your windows are too cute.


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