Over The Moon



I won, I won. I was one of five contestants who won the HomeGoods giveaway. I feel pretty pumped especially since I was a bit bummed over the quality of my photo after I’d submitted my entry. A big Thanks to Elements of Style. I love you, HomeGoods.

images via weheartit



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7 responses to “Over The Moon

  1. Very well done and deserved. I know you work hard and it’s good to see this is paying off.

  2. kristen

    I saw all of the entrants on the HomeGoods Giveaway and wish I would have won:o( Yours and the chandelier were my favorite though – where can i get a bar cart like that?

    • Hi Kristen,

      Sorry you didn’t win. I was honestly pretty surprised I was one of five who did. Glad you liked mine. I bought my bar cart at the flea market in Pasadena. I’m pretty sure ebay and craigslist will sell similar ones.

  3. heatheroverly

    OMG i hate u, i entered that stupid HOmeGOODS contest three times at EoS and when i saw i didnt win i wanted to find the winners. good work and where is your wallpaper from? also is that a dog candleholder or what is that? awwwww congrats!

    • My wallpaper is from Wallpaper City in Santa Monica. I don’t know who the exact vendor of the wallpaper is though. The dog thing you are talking about is just a little storage container I keep the doggie treats in. Glad you liked my little vignette and sorry you didn’t win too.

  4. Angeline

    Congratulations! That’s exciting!

  5. Anna

    Ya, Irene. Congrats. Uh and the quality of the photo wasn’t bad and even if you think so, who cares you won. I have never won anything in my life wahwah.

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