Will You Sign My Book?


A few months ago, I bought a side table at H.D. Buttercup and must have forgotten that I signed up to be on their mailing list because I was a bit curious as to why I received something from them in the mail last week. Regardless, I quickly recognized that the room on the cover of my HDB correspondence was that of Thom Filicia.  I immediately opened up the sealed card in hopes he would be at the store.  Sure enough, I was right. Along with launching his Thom Filicia Home Collection, he was also there to sign his book, Style. His book was given to the first 100 guests, but I already had my copy. Props to me.

I’m not one to be starstruck but I was quite nervous waiting in line for Thom (we’re on a first name basis, you know) to come out and sign my book. Once my turn was up to meet him, I was pretty much speechless. Thanks to Evan who was there by my side to do the talking. I was in line for almost an hour and rather than play Tetris on my phone, I should’ve thought of some ways to verbalize my appreciation for his work. I’m still shaky thinking of the lack of interaction. But what’s done is done and I walked away with a signed book, a hug and kiss on the cheek, a picture and a greater admiration of his work.

Thom appeared to be just as friendly and humble as he does on television and in his book.

I apologize for not taking pictures of his collection. That just means you’ll have to swing by Culver City to see it in person. You will not be disappointed. Plus, H.D. Buttercup has a huge selection of furnishings that will appeal to most design aesthetics.


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  1. i remember you!!!! wow thats craziness. love your dress!

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