Girl Loves Pink

I was borderline obsessed with pink my senior year of high school. I wore pink as many days as my wardrobe allowed. Shortly after I graduated I practically wanted to puke at any sight related to the color. And now, within the last year or so, I’m in love all over again. BUT (there’s a big but) it must be either a hue in the hot pink spectrum or in the soft pale pink family I like to call, heavenly pink. If done right, others can also work well but here’s an example of how certain tints betwixt can go awry:

Oh no, this room is not good. This paint color is way too dark for the space and does not complement the flooring whatsoever. This entire unit was painted the same color, making it look dull . If the back of the shelves were painted a distinct color or even a different shade of pink, the main color wouldn’t fall so flat.

Rooms that tickle me pink.

via alkemie

This headboard is amazing and stands out nicely atop the lighter pink wall. Each of the varying shades of pink are able to  hold their own, appealing even to those who may hate this color.

Oh yeah, feminine glam.

The husband said, “Oh, I like this one. Even I can live in this room. The sofa softens up the crazy print wallpaper.” Goes to show he does listen to all my ID ranting

A peachy pink. The black and white rug gives this room some edge.

Now this is Hot Pink. It’s so bold and I love it.

Pale pink at its finest

Sometimes, all you need is that once color to stand out. And this light pink was a perfect choice.

So much goodness going on in this room. Check out those armrests.

Let’s not lose focus on the topic, but aren’t those chairs striking? I wouldn’t mind it one bit if I owned them.

If this is a girls’ room then it’s darn sophisticated if you ask me.

May you Think Pink all day long…

images via decorpad



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3 responses to “Girl Loves Pink

  1. Lily

    The pink chair/love seat by the door in the brown room is amazing. This is actually a pink could get excited about!

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  3. Can’t stop staring at that gorg chevron chair and fab zebra area rug!

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