I Spy…

Birds. I’ve been loving little birdies since I decided I was going for a nature/vintage/glam theme in our home – with birds falling into the nature category. Plus, my mother-in-law has been calling Evan Baby Bird since forever so that may be the underlying real reason for my attraction.

Either way, these little birdies are way adorable and can’t help but continue to spot them in pillows, accessories, wallpaper and figurines. Here are some of my favorite.


Been loving this Romo wallpaper for some time now.



image via roomenvy


via mattersofstyle


via apartmenttherapy


image via theestateofthings

Birds on the ceiling – such a cute idea. And really loving the bird houses on the wall as well.


image via aestheticoiseau

When I received my March issue of Elle Decor, my eye couldn’t help but be drawn to the black and white bird framed art mounted on the glossy wall.


via designsponge

The birdie atop the desk makes this space that much more whimsical.


Taking things a bit further


A duvet cover for a simple pair of love birds. Via Etsy.



via Etsy

My paper mache bird from Craig Olsen

A bird rock I normally keep in the bathroom and an image of some bird pattern file folders I don’t file anything in.

Some other cute bird accessories I’d like to share.

Bird Accesories

Created via polyvore. For more item info click here



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4 responses to “I Spy…

  1. Wow, you love your birds!! Nice to see another Etsy supporter too 😉

  2. RJdash1love

    OMG I looooooooooove that Romo Wallpaper!!!! i wish i could get my hands on that;)

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