Are You a Wildfox?

I came across Wildfox while making my usual rounds of the blogoshpere several months ago. Before realizing it was a knitwear line, my attention was grasped at the first sight of the below pink sweatpants. I have a major crush on bright pink and something about the logo had me at hello. I checked out the Wildfox blog and quickly fell for all of the images shared of their photoshoot collections. Their carefree antics and free-spirited nature make me wanna gather with my girls and enjoy a boisterous slumber party. Check out some of my favorite pics below:

A Wildfox take on the movie Dazed and Confused – brilliant

Ever since Evan told me I looked like a Flamingo, I’ve been had a strong affinity for them. I wanna be tacky and display a whole lot of them in our yard.

images via stardustandsequins, 80spurple, thefashionspot, facebook wildfox fan page and everythingisnonsense

Be sure to check out more Wildfox here



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2 responses to “Are You a Wildfox?

  1. Love their clothes and their website! Such great pics and fun clothing!

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