Getting Stuff Done

Evan and I were total hermits this past weekend. A rainy Saturday resulted in a perfect time to lounge around carefree. A warmer Sunday allowed me to do some sun-worshiping and catch up on house chores I’d been putting off. After more than three months, I finally hung a piece of art I was unsure of where to place. Originally, I was almost certain it would go in the living room, but about a month ago I decided it was more appropriate for our bedroom. With more time spent leaning on a wall, this art was hung in a matter of 6 minutes (cheers to hoping it doesn’t fall). Something so simple made me feel like I accomplished a lot. Obviously, I’m a procrastinator.

Check out my achievement:

The wonderful story behind this art is that I found it in Evan’s parents’ attic. Between one of several proudly-toured massive baseball card collection attic trips, I stumbled upon the above art. I must’ve been looking for a way out of the tour (ha ha) because the conversation quickly transitioned. Evan promptly informed me that it was painted by his Great Aunt Helen who passed long before I came along. The entire piece has the perfect antique, vintage vibe I was hoping I would someday find. The best things always tend to come along when one isn’t looking.

It can be a steep investment purchasing real art and buying something at a retail store makes the art less special as they’re mass-produced, so I definitely feel fortunate displaying something with much sentiment.

A super easy and affordable tip I give to acquiring art is to visit your local library, make copies of any photograph or image you find inspiring, enlarge it,  frame it (which will be the most expensive part) and hang it. Voilà, you have art for days.

This can also be done with fabric, pretty paper and personal photos.



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2 responses to “Getting Stuff Done

  1. Countthechips

    What a beautiful painting!

  2. Countthechips

    A little history of the painting. My Aunt Helen was a bit of a hermit. Smoking cigarettes and painting was her love. She would draw the picture in charcoal first, then paint next. Most of her paintings were from ideas in her head. She never lost her English accent even living in the US for 76 of her 90 years.

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