Tray Chic

Plain and simple – I love trays. They’re a great way to create groupings of fun accessories or loose knickknacks without looking sloppy.  They can be placed on a coffee table, dining table, nightstand, dresser, bar, bathroom (you get the jist) and they come in an array of sizes, colors and patterns. Take a look below to see which one suits your stILe.

PS – I must be honest. I stole the pun from an issue of House Beautiful. The content though, is all me.

Tray Chic

Now witness some in the home:

image via guidetostyle

My nightstand with tray from Home Goods. A perfect solution for placing my jewelry once the day has concluded.

all other ID images via decorpad


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One response to “Tray Chic

  1. Lily

    I have a whole new respect for trays 🙂

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