I’m really loving Keira Knightley’s outfit on the March cover of Elle. It’s certainly something I would wear. In fact, a blazer is typically my go-to garment to cover up and I wore one just yesterday. I also happen to have a denim shirt and wear it fairly often. So really, I could’ve stiled her. Ha.

The stripes on the blazer allow it not to be so basic. And, of course, the necklace makes a huge statement. Because of that seam in the center, I wanna say her sparkly bottoms are either shorts or pants, which would definitely turn some heads if worn out (imagine sparkly pants walking down the street). I play things more safely so I’d love to wear this kind of sparkly as a short skirt, most likely with some black tights underneath.  The deep burgundy nail polish is the perfect hue to add to the color scheme. Love, love, love the entire look.



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3 responses to “Keira

  1. hollygold

    Keira has def had work done but she is still a really pretty girl. I am not sure i like this picture of her, she looks really…odd. but this is a good outfit, thank you. i think it was joe zee that styles her.

  2. Lily

    This defiantly looks like something you would put together!

  3. caroline732

    I adore Keira’s look! Her hair is just amazing at the moment- she definitely suits it long and dark.I’m longing to find a piece of jewellery she wears often so I can copy it!!

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