Color Me Turquoise

I first fell in love with turquoise while swooning over Cameron Diaz’s turquoise ring* in The Sweetest Thing. Though I didn’t love the movie so much, I was determined to find a turquoise ring like the one she wore throughout most of the movie. I found a similar one at a vintage shop but lost it almost as soon as I bought it. I was heartbroken and never looked at turquoise the same.

Then, suddenly, I saw it in a completely different light. I saw it in fabric, in kitchens, on bedding, plates, sofas, chairs, walls. My love for turquoise was requited. Four years passed and in December of ’09  Pantone selected it as color of the year for 2010.  I couldn’t help but toot my own horn for loving this color before finding out the news. Nothing like some reaffirmation.

Some inspiring applications of the hue.

Even in a country house, this color looks hip.

I’ve loved this room for a long time now. Brown, pink and turquoise – oh so lovely.

You can’t miss with yellow bamboo Chippendale chairs, chevron pattern rug and turquoise.

I know a certain someone with a turquoise door.

pillow by honeypiedesign on etsy

Turquoise wallpaper from Walnut

*ring totally looks green in the picture. But trust me, it was turquoise.

a special thanks to theScoop, hookedonhouses, and decorpad for their images.


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6 responses to “Color Me Turquoise

  1. Lileana Duarte

    I love turquoise! The deeper the better!

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  5. Samantha

    i have the EXACT ring you have referred to! after many years of searching, glad to see so inspirational!

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