Garden Stool, Not for the Garden

I love the garden stool, even though I’m somewhat late on the trend. I spotted them everywhere in 2009. Ironically enough, mainly indoors.

Several weeks into the New Year and I just managed to purchase one. Though they aren’t practical enough to sit on or place a drink, they are practical enough to move from room to room. The color options are pretty endless, making it super easy to pop some color into a dull room. These things sit low so it’s a great way to add some interest where it’s unexpected. A couple hundred dollars is a standard price, but I refused to pay that much and so I was ecstatic when I bought mine for 60 bucks at Home Goods. Damn, I love that place.

I was with my mom and sister when I found mine and they both, individually, questioned my purchase. But ha, now they can see I’m not at all crazy.

Below are some images to visualize exactly what it is I’m talking about.

Images have been borrowed from Decor Pad, Material Girls Blog and HGTV

<—- That image is from designstILes


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