Girl Crush

Ever look at a girl and wish you could look just like her? Yeah well, Lily Aldridge is the girl I wish I even remotely resembled. In typical girl crush fashion, this beautiful chick is a model. Pun, quasi-intended.

A few reasons why I dig her :

1) She needs absolutely zero make-up and most often looks better without it. aka Natural Beauty.

2) Hello, she’s a model.

3) Because plenty of girls wish they could date a musician if only for a day. She’s been dating Caleb Followill, lead singer of Kings of Leon for quite some time and formerly dated Brandon Boyd of Incubus.

4) She’s native to Los Angeles. The L and the A also happen to be her initials.

5) Her stILe is effortlessly chic. My fave.

6) She seems pretty down to earth.

Flawless skin AND great hair. C’mon.

With her beau.

LBD and killer heels.

If only I could pull off the geek chic glasses.

Click here for her recent spread in Marie Claire.



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8 responses to “Girl Crush

  1. Err…No, I never wished to be someone really, but I do like to pretend me being in thier lifestyle. Nice blog! please check my blog!

  2. lele

    it’s followill – caleb followill 🙂

  3. maria ornova

    omg lily aldridge is sooooo cute…and chic;o)

  4. cuddlycarla

    i love love love lily aldridge, she is a goddess

  5. geekgirl16

    omg, i love the geek chic look. lily aldrige is beautiful and cute, she looks so good here

  6. Monica

    Haha, I know Lily!
    We went to high school together & she is the best friend of one of my closest high school friends, Dani.
    She is nothing like you would imagine, but in a good way. I can’t believe how popular and ‘famous’ persay, she has become, it’s surreal!

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