Claw Foot Tub, I love you.

I swoon at the sight of a claw foot tub. My heart melts and I get all giddy.  The first time I encountered a claw foot tub, it was instant love and admiration.

Here, the claw foot is the focal point in this casually antique setting.

Overlooking a cityscape, I’d feel like queen of the world soaking in this modernized version.

This entire space is perfect for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. J’adore

Absolutely lovely. The oversize Rococo inspired mirror, the light pink balloon shade, the perfect hint of blue and, of course, the claw foot tub complete the look of a romantic space.


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One response to “Claw Foot Tub, I love you.

  1. These pictures give great inspiration for clawfoot tub styles. I especially love the slipper style. The style and old world charm of these tubs is irresistible! I grew up in New Orleans and every apartment I had, had a clawfoot tub. I can’t imagine not having one in a house that I own!

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